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Scottish Borders Town of Newcastleton

Great Rural Holidays at Newcastleton in the Scottish Borders

Hitch up your van, leave your stressful world behind. Find the secret valley of the River Liddel, written about by Sir Walter Scott, John Buchan and William Wordsworth. Newcastleton was set up by the Duke of Buccleuch in 1793, as a scenic model village, laid out on a grid system. Today it stands not just as an architectural model but as a social model of how a lot of us would like to live. It is a real village, with a strong sense of community and of its history. The area has an association with the Armstrong and the Elliot Clans, the latter of whom have a four yearly gathering in Liddesdale. The Liddesdale Heritage Association run the Liddesdale Heritage Centre and Museum, which displays the colourful history of the region and its people.

Our Local Village

The Village nestles comfortable in the arms of the surrounding hills. A short walk from the caravan site will take you to a vantage point, which will enable you to view the model layout of the village and to soak up the quiet stillness of the moors. For the active, the area offers excellent walking, fishing, golfing, orienteering, and horse riding. The roads around the area are quiet and good for cycling.

Another short walk from the Caravan Site takes you into the heart of the village and its many simple but sufficient amenities. It has small friendly shops and services that supply the locals and who will tend to your needs with the same courteous openness that they offer to their regulars. The food in the local hostelries is excellent, and reasonably priced. One pub offers a take away food service. Whilst fresh meat can be bought from the local butcher, who also has some good pre-prepared dishes. Fresh bread and pies can be got from both the Bakers and the Mini-market.


If you wish to travel further afield without your car, there are bus services which can take you to Hawick or to Carlisle.

The Liddesdale Valley which Newcastleton lies in, can meet the modern world head on. Explore the beauties of the Priesthill area; a little effort is soon rewarded with stunning views over Liddesdale. From the Dragonfly Ponds car park to Drove 1.8 miles, to Viewpoint 2 miles then the Hanging Tree 2.5 miles to Priesthill 2.7 miles. This walk encircles Priesthill. All walks are colour coded. Visit for more information on walks in Newcastleton Forest.