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Lidalia a Poem

Lidalia is the place for me

New friends an' auld we come tae see

Oor host aye gie's a welcome fine

Lidalia - thats the place tae be


Tae sit There in the quiet O' day

Tae watch the ducks an' birds at play

Fair mak's yer heart jump wi' joy

Thats - My Lidalia


The gentle banks wi' trees on high

Frae Bonny Lidalia they reach tae the sky

Its here ye come tae sit an rest

Lidalia -sharely - its the best


Lidalias set wi' twa ponds braw

We've seen them tae in the winter snaw

Its weel laid out fer a' tae see

Lidalia - its a must fer me


At the summer fest the sites aye busy

Wi' colourful characters fair in a tizzy

They've come tae hear the music grand

Frae whistles an' fiddles an' a ceilidh band


Dave & Liz an' Mike and Dilly

No forgettin Adrian & Willie

They're the friends we love tae meet

When at Lidalias - Treasure seat


Thro' oot the year an' seasons grand

Upon Lidalia oor trusty hand

Will a' descend their hard work done

Tae meet auld friends an' hae some fun


They travel frae a' the country wide

Tae Eddies ceilidh on auld years night

Frae London toon they've journeyed here

Frae Wales as weel, - fer a guid New Year


The Bairns tae the fun enjoy

They dae a stint baith girl an' boy

They sing, they dance and gie much pleasure

At Eddies ceilidh - my - whit a treasure


Once again the year has turned

The winters gone - the spring returned

So whars the place ye want tae be

Lidalia - Thats the place fer me